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Recognition of qualifications

NCFHE & MQRIC are currently undergoing significant changes in structure. For the most up-to-date Information use the following contact details;
Malta Life Sciences Park, San Gwann, SGN 3000, Malta   Tel: +356 2381 0000
E (NCFHE):     E (MQRIC):​
MQRIC Website
The procedures and recognition of academic and professional qualifications is the same for all nationalities. The national body that deals with the recognition and comparability of both academic and vocational qualifications is the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Center. The MQRIC co-ordinates the different agencies and authorities which are entitled to evaluate and award credentials and licenses.
MQRIC was set up in 2002 and was established to satisfy the requirements established in Act XVIII of 2002 of the Reciprocal Recognition of Qualifications, as well as the convention on the recognition of qualifications related to Higher Education in Europe.

More information can be found here​


Which supporting documents do i submit?

  • ​An original copy of your qualification (such as degree, diploma, certificate, etc.)
  • An original copy of the transcript showing subjects, number of hours and examination results.
  • Certified authenticated translations into Maltese and English of any documents originally issued in a language other than Maltese or English. ​


Malta QRIC works in close collaboration with the University of Malta, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology as well as with other designated bodies and authorities.
By virtue of S.L. 327.433 (of LN 296/2012) Further and Higher Education (Licensing, Accreditation and Quality Assurance) Regulations, the following are self accrediting providers:
  • The University of Malta, for programmes up to and including level 8 of the Malta Qualifications Framework
  • The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, only for programmes up to and including level 6 of the Malta Qualifications Framework
  • The Institute of Tourism Studies, only for programmes up to and including level 5 of the Malta Qualifications Framework

This means that the above mentioned self-accreditng providers have the capacity to self-accredit existing and new programmes and are exempt from provider and programme accreditation for the purposes of these regulations.
In these circumstances, holders of qualifications conferred through the above mentioned entities do not need to seek recognition through the MQRIC. All MATSEC certificates are recognised by MQRIC therefore an application for a recognition statement in NOT required.

Last updated in June 2014.​
 Contact Name
Malta Life Sciences Park,
San Gwann,

SGN 3000

+356 2754 0051

 E (MQRIC):​