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EU Blue card

EU Blue Card

​Third country nationals may apply to enter and reside in Malta for the purpose of highly qualified employment under the Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals for the Purpose of Highly Qualified Employment

Legal Notice 433 of 2011 which is transposing Directive Council Directive 2009/50/EC of the 25th May 2009 regarding the conditions of entry and residence of third-country nationals for the purpose of highly qualified employment. Persons who qualify for such immigration status will be granted a uniform residence permit and the type of permit that is issued will be “EU Blue Card”.

The above-mentioned Regulations apply to Third Country Nationals who wish to be admitted to Malta for the purpose of highly qualified employment which is defined as the employment of a person who:

  • Is protected as an employee under the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, irrespective of the legal relationship, for the purpose of exercising genuine and effective work for, or under the direction of, someone else
  • Is paid
  • Has the required adequate and specific competence, as proven by higher professional qualifications.

For the purposes of the said regulations reference to:

  • Higher education qualification means any diploma, certificate or other evidence of formal qualifications issued by a competent authority attesting the successful completion of a post-secondary higher education programme, namely a set of courses provided by an educational establishment recognised by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre, any other centre which is a member of the ENIC/NARIC networks and as listed by the ENIC/NARIC networks, as a higher education institution by the State in which it is situated: A higher education qualification shall be taken into account, on condition that the studies needed to acquire it lasted at least three years;
  • Higher professional qualifications means qualifications attested by evidence of higher education qualifications or, attested by at least ten years of professional experience of a level comparable to higher education

The provisions of these regulations shall not apply to Third country nationals who:

  • Are authorised to reside in Malta on the basis of temporary protection or have applied for authorisation to reside in Malta on that basis.
  • Are beneficiaries of international protection.
  • Are beneficiaries of protection on the basis of national law or practice or international obligations.
  • Have applied to reside in an EU Member State as researchers within the meaning of Directive 2005/71/EC in order to carry out a research project.
  • Are family members of Union citizens who have exercised or are exercising the right to free movement within the community.
  • Enjoy EC long-term resident status in Member State
  • Enter a Member State under commitments contained in an international agreement facilitating the entry and temporary stay of certain categories of trade and investment-related natural person
  • Have been admitted to the territory of a Member State as seasonal workers
  • Have been subject to expulsion and their expulsion has been suspended for reasons of fact or law
  • Are covered by the Posting of Workers in Malta regulations as long as they are posted in Malta
  • Under agreements between the Community and the Member States and those third countries, enjoy rights of free movement equivalent to those of Union citizens.

Documents Required if residing in Malta:

  • A valid travel document, and if already residing in Malta evidence of a valid visa or a valid residence permit or in the case of a non-visa national evidence that applicant is residing legally in Malta.
  • A contract of employment or a statement containing the conditions of employment for a minimum period of one year in Malta which contract of employment or statement shall show that the gross annual salary is at least 1.5 times the average gross annual salary in Malta.
  • A covering letter which includes a position description;
    Present a document attesting fulfilment of the conditions set out for the exercise by Union citizens of the regulated profession specified in the contract of employment or statement containing the conditions of employment
  • For unregulated professions, present the documents attesting the relevant higher professional qualifications in the occupation or sector specified in the contract of employment or statement containing the conditions of employment
  • An attestation from MQRIC confirming the presented qualifications
  • If applicants already hold an employment licence a copy of the said licence is required.
  • Evidence of sickness insurance coverage for all risks or, evidence of having applied for such sickness insurance.

Last updated in June 2014​.