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Employment / Self-Employment

The applicant has to present the necessary documents in support of his/her claim:

  • Copy of an employment licence for employment
  • ​Copy of work permit/trading license for self- employment
  • Hospital or medical certification in the case of health reasons
  • ​Other documents indicated in the application form 

By means of Directive 2001/98 of the 13th December 2011 regarding a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work in the territory of a Member State and on a common set of rights for those third-country workers legally residing in a Member State, it became mandatory for EU Member States to review the procedures regarding the issue of work permits and residence permits issued for the purpose of work to Third Country Nationals. Member States have to lay a single procedure regarding the application for a work permit and a residence permit for such purpose. The relative processes have been harmonized by means of the European Union Directive concerned. Furthermore Member States are obliged to issue one document, that is, a residence permit which would authorize the holder to work and reside in a Member State.

Malta has transposed the provisions of the said Directive by means of Legal Notice 160/2014 - The Single Application Procedure for a Single Permit as regards Residence and Work and a Common Set of Rights for those Third Country Workers legally residing in Malta Regulations, 2014.

Last updated in June 2014​.