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Applications on the basis of residence


If you are a foreigner or stateless person and you have resided in Malta throughout the twelve months immediately preceding the date of application; and you have resided in Malta for periods amounting in the aggregate to a minimum of four years, during the six years preceding the above period of twelve months; and you are of good character; and you have an adequate knowledge of the Maltese or the English language; and you would be a suitable citizen of Malta you are eligible to apply for Maltese citizenship. 


Procedure and Documents

Acquire residence certificate issued by the Principal Immigration Officer, Police General Headquarters, Floriana. You must provide this Officer with your current passport as well as all expired passports which cover the periods of your residence in Malta
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Identity Card
  • A police conduct certificate
  • 3 passport sized photographs
  • Marriage certificate (if applicant is female)
Applicants should also enclose a letter explaining why they wish to become a citizen of Malta. This should contain information on their period/s of stay in Malta details about employment if applicable, participation in social activities and so forth.
Two sponsors are required (not relatives) to fill out the relevant part of the application form. Their signature would then have to be witnessed and countersigned by another person. First sponsor can be: Member of Parliament, a judge, a magistrate, an advocate, a notary public, a legal procurator, a medical practitioner, a public officer not below the rank of principal, a police officer not below the rank of inspector, an officer of the Armed Forces of Malta not below the rank of captain, a parish priest. Second sponsor can be any citizen of Malta provided that he/she is over 18 years of age.

Applications under the Individual Investor Programme (IIP)

The IIP allows for the granting of citizenship by a certificate of naturalisation to individuals and their families who contribute to the economic and social development of Malta. This is managed by Identity Malta and currently capped at 1800 successful applicants.

Citizenship will give you the rights Maltese citizens are entitled to, including but not limited to a Maltese Passport for Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries, right of establishment in all 28 European Union countries and authorised to participate in political elections or political engagement.

Citizenship can be revoked if the person granted citizenship fails to comply with any requirement to lease, purchase and retain property in Malta or to make and retain investments in Malta, as established by these regulations or has become a threat to national security or is involved in conduct which is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of Malta.


Applications may be received by resident nationals of every country except those countries where international sanctions apply or where the government takes a policy decision to exclude applications from certain countries at this time.

The applicants may be the Principal Applicant, Spouse of Principal Applicant, in monogamous marriage, or in a relationship having same or similar status to marriage, dependents younger than 18 years of age, dependents between 18-26 years of age provided they are not married and still supported by main applicant and form part of the household, dependents over 55 who are wholly supported by main applicant and form part of the main household

Furthermore Applicant must be

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Proof of having been resident in Malta for 12 months via resident permit preceding oath of allegiance (only needed for the main applicant)
  • Global Health Insurance coverage for at least EUR 50,000 for the main applicant
  • Police Conduct in English
  • Medical certificates in English for primary applicant and dependents (if any)
  • Affidavit of support for each dependent over 18 years of age

Investment Requirements

1. The acquisition of real estate with minimum value of 350,000 to be held for 5 years OR Lease an immovable property in Malta for minimum period of 5 years at least 16,000 value per year. Both cases cannot let or sublet

2. Make a contribution to the National Development and Social Fund

3. An investment in stocks, bonds or special purpose vehicles to be identified by Identity Malta, for a minimum value of 150,000 to be held for a minimum period of 5 years.


Principal Applicant € 650,000
Spouse € 25,000
Each Dependent Child 0-17 € 25,000
Each Dependent Child 18-26 € 50,000
Each Dependent Aged 55 and over € 50,000


Passport Fees per person € 500
Bank charges (per application) € 200



  • Must obtain resident permit with the purpose of IIP (if have not done already)
  • Must take Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of Malta prior to being issued with a certificate of naturalization as a citizen of Malta . For children/dependents/spouse under 18 this is not required
  • Must liase with Authorized Agent or the Concessionaire which are responsible for the running of the programme

Time to process applications from 6 months to maximum 2 years.

 Contact Name 
Identity Malta Agency
Mediterranean Conference Centre
Old Hospital Street
Valletta VLT 1645

+356 21 225232