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Aġenzija Appoġġ


​Provides assistance to children, families and the community, safeguards and promotes the well-being of these persons through the development and provision of psycho-social welfare services.

Out-of-Home Care Programme
To ensure that the best interests of all children and young people who cannot live with their birth families are appropriately safeguarded through the provision of a continuum of out-of-home care options which prioritise a family-like environment.
Intake and Protection Services

Provide an array of services to those persons and families who seek the help of the Agency for the first time, who had acquired help in the past and need assistance once again, or who require protection such as cases of child abuse and domestic violence. The Intake and Protection Services also incorporate Customer Care Personnel who are available to help Aġenzija Appoġġ service users to make an appointment to see a social worker and link them to the appropriate services within Aġenzija Appoġġ.
Health and Family Services

This covers an ambit of services to meet the needs of service users coming from a lifespan ranging from the "cradle to the grave", in order to enhance them and their quality of life. These range from, Adoption and Fostering Services; Health Services in various settings; as well as providing support in cases of Human Trafficking. Support is offered to adults as individuals as members of a family, as well as parents. These services also contribute to the psycho-social and physical development of children, and work towards strengthening the family unit and the home environment.
Community Services

Community Services aim to work closely with the local community to facilitate and encourage a process of change within the community they operate in, through local participation. These services strive to enhance the local potential, offer optimal individual and family social work services that are aimed especially at the most vulnerable in the community, whilst taking into consideration the context, culture and everyday life of the residents.
Children and Young Persons Support

The Children & Young Persons Support Services offer a range of services for children and adolescents and their families who are facing some kind of difficulties in their life. These services aim at providing intensive work with children, young people and their families, in order to promote their well-being, protect their rights and enhance their potential. With the involvement and participation of children/young people themselves, workers in this field develop care plans, take action to promote and protect children's rights, support and ensure that the well being of children and young people is always given top most priority.
Positive Parenting

The aim of positive parenting is to create more awareness and promote positive parenting so that children have the right to grow surrounded by respect and loving care. This is possible through positive parenting, away from all types of abuse.

Last updated in June 2014.​
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Aġenzija Appoġġ
36, St. Luke's Road
G'Mangia, PTA 1318

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