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Non-contributory social benefits for TCNs


​The non-contributory scheme was set up to act as a safety net by catering for those below the ‘poverty line’. Unlike the contributory scheme, the benefits within the non-contributory scheme are not based on the contributions, but on a financial means-test of the person claiming the benefit. 

Family Benefits

Children’s Allowance, Disabled Children’s Allowance, and Foster Care Allowance are classified as family benefits

Children’s Allowance, Parents having the care and custody of their children may be entitled to Children’s
Allowance. Children’s Allowance can be divided into two sections, the Children’s Allowance flat rate and the means tested Children’s Allowance benefit.
Disabled Children’s Allowance, is paid to all households with a physically or mentally
disabled child and that are not receiving any other social security pension for this
Foster Care Allowance, is paid for a child who is certified by a recognised welfare
institution as being fostered.
In Malta, only limited categories of third-country nationals can access family benefits:
  • If the TCN comes from a country which forms part of the European Social Charter
  • Long-term resident
  • Spouse of a Maltese citizen
  • EU Blue Card Holder
  • Researchers under Council Directive 2005/71/EC

More information on eligibility, contributions received and procedures to access Children’s Allowance benefits can be found on the following link​​​​​

Last updated in June 2014.