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Reciprocal agreements

Reciprocal Agreements are formal treaties that help co-ordinate the social security systems of the respective contracting countries. The primary aim is to help people move from one country to another, obtaining benefits due and also in some cases regulating the payment of social security contributions.
This may help in:
  • Helping people to satisfy the minimum conditions of a pension scheme in an Agreement country.
  • Ensuring that foreign social security pensions are paid to the beneficiary here in Malta when and if he/she decides to return to Malta
  • Avoid the double payment of contributions

Malta has to date signed Reciprocal Agreements on Social Security with:
Canada: The Agreement deals on Contributory pensions in respect of Retirement, Widowhood and Invalidity besides Orphan’s and Death benefits. The Malta/Canadian Agreement also has regulations regarding the payment of social security contributions in those cases where a resident of one country is working in the other.
More information can be found here
Libya: no Maltese worker would need to pay Social Security contributions whilst working in Libya. This Agreement now safeguards the Maltese employee’s position and he need only pay social security contributions in Malta. 

Australia: Retirement, Widowhood and Invalidity. Covered also in Malta are the non-contributory pensions and assistance.
More information can be found here
New Zealand: The benefits covered under the Agreement are pensions in respect of retirement and widowhood for Malta, and superannuation and veteran’s pensions for New Zealand.
More information can be found here

Last updated in June 2014.​