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Renting a property

Renting a property in Malta is agreed upon via a Tenancy Agreement and under the regulation of the Civil Code, Chapter 16, which stipulates and protects the interests of both parties. Generally this agreement must specify:

(a) the property to be leased;
(b) the agreed use of the property let;
(c) the period for which that property will be let;
(d) whether such lease may be extended and in what manner;
(e) and also the amount of rent to be paid and the manner in which such payment is to be made.

Parties should also stipulate what services are provided by the landlord (such as a cleaning service or maintenance), the length of notice required before termination of the tenancy, and good practice rules for the common areas (if applicable). 
Majority of landlords will require a deposit upfront and rent usually be paid in advance.

Last updated in June 2014​.