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More information on recruiting can be found here.
When employing new staff a self-employed person/employer must fill in the Declaration of Commencement of Employment  for every new person employed. In every case of new employment, the engagement form duly filled in is to be received by Jobsplus on the same day of commencement of employment.
Employee Returns
When recruiting the employer has to submit an Employer Registration Form to the Inland Revenue Department. This application should be addressed to the Employment Section of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).
The employer will be given an employer’s PE Number, which should be quoted on all FS4, FS5, FS3 and FS7 forms when required to send such forms to the Inland Revenue Department.
Employee Deductions
The employer is required to deduct FSS Tax and Social Security Contributions (SSC) from the employees’ wages or salaries. The employer is given the relevant details from the Employment Section when applying for the PE Number.
On completion of employment registration with the Inland Revenue Department the employer is required to immediately send to the IRD an FS4 form for each person employed.
When deducting FSS Tax and Social Security Contributions (SSC) the employer needs to submit the amounts due to the Department together with the FS5 form by the end of the following month.
All forms mentioned in this section are available from the IRD website


Last updated in August 2016.